The practical itinerary in PDF format will allow you to follow every minute of our race, street by street, letting you know exactly where the riders will pass by, with useful arrows and diagrams showing the route taken by the riders. Based on three possible speeds, it also gives an indication as to when riders will pass a certain point.

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Download the roadmap


This schedule in PDF format will tell you exactly what towns and areas Ghent-Wevelgem will pass through, while also telling you where the main reference points are on the course, including climbs and feed zones.

Based on three possible speeds, it estimates the time at which riders will pass through your town or area.
It also shows you how many kilometres it will take for riders to pass a given point as well as how many kilometres they will still have left from this point to get to the finish line in Wevelgem.

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Download the timetable

Technical Guide

Here, you can soon download the technical guide for Ghent-Wevelgem 2020, including all technical details and necessary information of the 82nd edition on Sunday Ocotber 11th.

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