Ceremonial start - 0 km


Deinze will be the place to be on Sunday 25th March 2018 for the start of a legendary race: the Gent-Wevelgem! 25 teams will come together for the start at 11.25 a.m., seeking eternal glory over the course of this 250.8 km race.

Start - 0 km


And they’re off! The race director waves the flag signalling the start of the race. The battle against the wind, the road and the Westhoek coast begins.

Passage De Moeren - 88.9 km


The strong winds blowing across de Moeren are a recurring theme in the Gent-Wevelgem, and almost always lead to difficulties for the riders. Who among the favourites will end up being eliminated after just 90 km?

Catsberg - 137.2 km


The first climb of the day comes in French Flanders. After 137.2 kilometres, this challenging aperitif awaits the riders: an average incline of 8% with a maximum incline of 18%.

Kokereelberg - 141 km

15:01 1200m

The foot of the Kokereelberg is found close to the foot of the Boeschepeberg and the Katsberg and plays host to the second climb of the day. The name of this mountain comes from the word for ‘feud’. Things are sure to heat up!

Vert Mont - 143 km

15:04 2300m

Climb number three at Boeschepe after 143 kilometres: the Vert Mont.

Mont Noir - Ravel Put - 145 km

15:08 2370m

The Mont Noir- Ravelsput is climbed for the first time as the fourth hill of the day. It is 2370m long, with an average incline of 4.4% and a peak at 9%.

Mont Noir - Blanchisserie - 151 km

15:15 2370m

Five kilometres further on, the riders must climb the Mont Noir a second time, only this time from the other side: the Blanchisserie side.

Baneberg - 168 km

15:41 270m

270 m long, with an average incline of 9% and a maximum incline of 13%, the riders will climb the Baneberg twice, with the first time coming after 168 kilometres.

Kemmelberg - 176 km

15:53 3000m

The main attraction of the Gent-Wevelgem is the Mont Kemmel, which looms ahead for the riders, who will need to conquer it twice. The first time will be by the Belvedère side: 3000m, 4% average incline with a peak at 22%.

Monteberg -180 km

15:59 1000m

Almost immediately after the first visit to Mont Kemmel follows the Monteberg. 1 km long, with an average incline of 7.3% and a maximum incline of 10%.

Plugstreets - 191 km

16:15 4700m

After their first passage last year : they 're back: The Plugstreets: 3 legs across a distance of just over five kilometres, called "Hill 63", "Christmas Truce" & "The Catacombs". #Neverforget © Kramon

Baneberg - 212 km

16:45 270m

As the penultimate climb of the day, the second visit to the Baneberg comes next. Short, but strenuous: 270 m and 9% on average.

Kemmelberg - 216.5 km

16:52 502m

The day’s last climb is also the most difficult. This time, the riders climb Mont Kemmel by its steeper side, with an average incline of 11.6% and a peak at 22%.

Collect Zone - 230 km


In Ypres, the teams will position their riders strategically in order to allow mechanical assistance for those who need it. © Kramon

Arrival- 250.8 km


After 250.8 extremely difficult kilometres, we will know the identity of Greg Van Avermaet's successor. Who will write their name in the history books for this Flemish cycling classic?